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  Comments on The Fingerprints of G-d

  1. Sholom,

    Just recently I came across your website and started reading your books and blog posts.

    Thank you so much for all of this very amazing and very valuable information!

    Are any of your works translated into Hebrew?

    Are any other disciples of R’ Ashlag and R’ Brandwein spreading similar news about 5778/2018?

    Wishing you and your family the greatest Brocha V’Hatzlocha!

  2. After the passing of R’ Avraham Brandwein in 2013, did you maintain and do still have a connection with his son and successor, the current Rebbe of Stretten, R’ Moshe Chaim Brandwein, and the Yeshiva Kol Yehuda in Yerushalayim, or any other Gedolei HaMekubolim?

    How widely are they disseminating the prediction of 5778 being the year of Bias Moshiach Ben Dovid?

    Did R’ Ashlag or any of his followers make the connections that you have between the Hebrew calendar and the secular calendar?

  3. Thanks again Jeffrey, your writings demonstrate extraordinary and undeniable patterns that are so far beyond the range of coincidence that when viewed honestly they must be recognized as evidence of Godly design and predetermination in a manner entirely conforming to the way these very patterns are encoded in the Torah.

    The convergence and synchronicity of the Hebrew calendar and the-Gregorian-secular calendar indicates that year 3760 HC marks a most significant turning point. For Christians this would be seen as the birth of their Messiah, and as you have written, their belief has spread and gained influence throughout the world among the descendants of Esav and other nations.

    However in your book The Divine Calendar and in your blog posts that I have read so far it seems that you tend to concentrate on presenting the patterns as indicated by the specific number sequences but generally you avoid providing any decisive interpretation of the meaning of certain things – and consequently just from what you write Christians may still be encouraged to believe that the truth is ultimately with them, and that in 5778/2018 their Messiah will return for a second coming, and conversely Jewish readers may become very wary of accepting your entire thesis because of this.

    Therefore it should be pointed out that from the perspective of authentic Jewish and Torah-based belief the reason the year 3760 is precisely so pivotal is because it is such an extremely negative occasion, just like the subsequent destruction of the Second Temple 70 years later, since it marks the beginning of the Christian heresy, the false doctrine that has prevailed throughout all the years of Exile since then, and under which the Jewish people have suffered so severely with anti-Semitic attacks, pogroms and culminating in the horror of the holocaust.

    Indeed this Christian dominated epoch has been the period of the ascension of the wicked Esav, who though a twin brother to Jacob, nevertheless personified the very opposite of Peace, as described in the Torah and in the teachings of our sages. Similarly in some respects Christianity is a twin brother to Judaism, and yet there is nothing else that has been responsible for so much suffering and destruction for the Jewish people (and corresponding observations also apply regarding the significance of the dating of the Muslim calendar that you also discuss in your writings).

    Seventy years ago in 5708/1948 with the reemergence of the state of Israel in the Jewish homeland as predicted by the Torah and prophets the tide started to turn back in favor of the Jewish people once again. May it now be that indeed this year 5778/2018 the real truth will be revealed, with the arrival of the authentic Jewish Messiah and the establishment of a genuinely Torah-based society that will lead the entire world to abandoning false beliefs and recognizing and worshiping the One True God of our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    Again my blessings to you – and to all your readers, Jews and Gentiles. We are very much looking forward to your next comments and posts.

  4. In your book The Divine Calendar you wrote that the Gregorian calendar “was designed by Aloysius Lilius and instituted by Pope Gregory XIII in 5342 of the Hebrew Calendar (HC) was based on Lilius’ calculation of the birth year for Jesus Christ.”

    You also wrote that “3760 HC is the year “0” CE, which is either the year Jesus Christ was born, or the year Aloyius Lilius thought he was when he was divinely inspired to formulate a new Western calendar.”

    Later in the book you explained that “There is an academic debate about when Jesus was born and when the Gregorian calendar should have begun, but it’s irrelevant because if these dates were all parts of a divine plan and a calendar then whatever the starting year Aloysius Lilius came up with was divinely inspired. As for Jesus’ birth date, scholars give anywhere from 4 BCE to 6 CE, making his life span anywhere from 27 to 37 years, rather than the more typically acknowledged 33 years, which better fits the divine plan unfolding before us.”

    It is important to note that there also are also very credible scholarly opinions who argue that Jesus as a real historical figure never really existed, and yet you did not mention this in your writings.

    In your book you wrote “Regardless who we personally feel the Patriarchs may be—historic figures, mythical metaphors for certain archetypes of consciousness, embodiments of divine spiritual energy, or just fictional characters—they all do one thing and that is mark specific moments on a Biblical time‐line and set them indelibly.” You included similar statements elsewhere as well.

    Seemingly regarding Jesus you also should have written something similar, that even if he is just a fictional character nevertheless the secular calendar remains significant even though it is based on extremely false misconceptions.

    In addition it is possible to say that the year 3760 HC anyway stands out and becomes pivotal for the alternate secular calendar, not because of the dubious birth of Jesus, and certainly not because of the even more dubious idea that he was the predicted Messiah, but rather because of other genuinely major historical events that really did happen then or at least circa that year.

    It does not take much digging to find that this is approximately when Herod the Great died, which marked a colossal turning point in Jewish and world history. Notably, it is recorded that shortly after Herod’s death, his son Archelaus ordered the army to attack the Temple and 3000 Jews were killed, and then he sent heralds around the city announcing the cancellation of Passover.

    It could be that this or another similar horrendous event was the real precursor of the Roman destruction of the Temple 70 years later, and therefore it is fitting for this to be the start of the secular calendar since it coincides with real historic events in the destiny of the Jewish people with subsequent ramifications throughout the entire world.

  5. At the end of your post “The Fingerprints of G-d” you wrote:

    “…the crucial moment can happen on the 18th day of Iyar, on the 33rd day of the 50-day Omer period, or .666% of the way through that period which began 100 days or .666% of the way through the period from Zot Chanukah to Shavuot, or .333% of the way through the period from Sukkot to Zot Chanukah in the year 5778 (2018 CE).”
    This is not so readily understandable and more explanation would be appreciated.

    Granted that the 33rd day of the Omer — Lag B’Omer, the holiday connected with R’ Shimon Bar Yochoi, author of the Zohar, and therefore a day intimately connected with revelation of the secrets of the Torah and the coming of Moshiach — is 2/3 or .666 of the way from when we start counting the Omer, i.e., from the 2nd night of Pesach, until the 50th day after that, Shevuot.

    Granted too, counting on the calendar one finds there are “100 days” between Zot Chanukah and Pesach. However what is the relevance these 100 days to Lag B’Omer?
    Even less understood is what you wrote next. What connection is there between Lag B’Omer and “the period from Sukkot to Zot Chanukah”?
    Your explanation would be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. There are 150 days from Zot Channukah to Shavuot and therefore Pesach is 2/3 (.666) 100/150 of the way between them, then Lag B’Omer is 2/3 (33/50) of the way again. There are 225 days between Sukkot and Shavuot, which causes Zot Channukah to split that period into 1/3 and 2/3 (75 days and 150). The Ari cryptically alluded to using this method to know the day of arrival. He also moved the date of the hillulah of R’ Shimon from September (Elul) to Lag B’omer, probably so we would all focus on that date with extreme positivity without knowing the real reason why. Keep in mind that Rav Ashalag used a very similar method (narrowing by 1/3, 2/3) to determine the year 5778.

  7. Good, that unites 5778’s three Biblical Festivals, Sukkos, Pesach, Shevuos, in one formula with Chanuka and Lag B’Omer.

    Can you please provide specific citations where these ideas are to be found in the printed works of the Arizal and Rav Ashlag?

  8. Above I asked for specific citations or references in the published works of the Arizal and R’ Ashlag for the prediction of Moshach coming in 5778/2018. By browsing through a number of your past blog posts however it now seems to me that you are saying this information was just passed verbally from teacher to disciple until recent years when, with encouragement from your teachers, you revealed it in your books and on this website – as you wrote for example in your January 7, 2009 post “The Origen [sp: Origin] of the 5778 Prophecy; A Secret Passed from Teacher to Student.”

    It is still not clear to me if any other disciples of the Arizal, R’ Ashlag or R’ Brandwein are also disseminating this same prediction. It is possible that you have already explained this in more detail elsewhere, since I still have not had time to even glance at most of your writings, let alone read them carefully. Perhaps you can direct me to where you may have discussed this before, or at least clarify it a little more at the present time . Thanks.

  9. In your book The Divine Calendar on page 102-103, without mentioning R’ Ashlag by name, but rather simply attributing it to “the righteous sages,” you write basically the same thing as you later explained in your January 7, 2009 post “The Origin of the 5778 Prophecy; A Secret Passed from Teacher to Student,” that this is arrived at by taking 2/3 of 6000, then another 2/3 of the remaining years, and then another 2/3 of the remaining years, 4000 + 1334 + 444 = 5778. There are slight differences in the way you round off the decimal places, but that is not a major point of contention.

    What is important to note however is that in the book you wrote that (4000 + 1334 =) 5334 “when the Arizal, Rabbi Isaac Luria, was BORN,” which is incorrect.
    You later corrected this mistake in the above mentioned blog post, where you wrote “As it turns out, when you start counting from the birth of Adam, 2/3 of the way through that last 2000-year period, or (.666666 x 2000), we get the year 5333, when the Arizal, Rabbi Isaac Luria, PASSED AWAY,” which is closer to the truth.

    Actually however, the hyperlink on “Arizal” that you yourself posted in your blog that leads to the Wiki entry for the Arizal, states (that he was born 1534, and that) he died July 25, 1572 — 5 Av 5332.

    This can still be said to work out well enough… just the method of rounding off the fractions should be stated clearly, and sometimes, as in gematria, an extra 1, i.e., an extra year, can be added as with adding the “kolel” or the like.

    I’m sure you are aware, but your readers may not be, that when the year is counted from Nissan the month of Av is the 5th month , thus the Arizal’s Hillula on the 5th day of the 5th month, corresponds nicely with Lag B’Omer, the day set for commemorating the Hillula of the Rashbi, on the 33rd day of the Omer, which is the 5th day in the 5th week of the counting of the Omer, connected with “Hod She’B’Hod,” the 5th Sefira within the 5th Sefira (as counted down from Chesed)…

  10. A source for Moshiach coming 70 years after the reestablishment of the state of Israel can be found in Zohar Vol. II, Raya Mehemna, on Parshas Mishpotim, page 119b, based on the 70 words of Psalm 20, which starts with the words Lamenatzach Mizmor L’Dovid, “La-me-natzach” is also letters Lamed Mem — two letters with gematria of 70 — Netzach, victory, i.e., at 70 years there will be Victory for (Moshiach Ben) Dovid. [Note too that L’amenatza’ach M’izmor, or M’izmor L’Dovid, is initials Lamed Mem, also hinting to these 70 years.] You might like to see R’ Ashlag’s Sulam on this Zohar.

    This source is brought in a new Hebrew Sefer “Keitz HaYomin” from R’ Yisroel Moshe Sorotzkin, son of R’ Avrohom Yitzcho Sorotzkin the Rosh Yeshiv of Telz. He also brings there from Rav Eliyahu Lopian’s Sefer “Lev Eliyahu,” end of Parshas Yisro, who quotes R’ Elchonon Wasserman saying that he heard from his teacher, R’ Yisroel Meir Kagan, the “Chofetz Chayim” (d. 1933), that there would be a WWII, and afterwards the state of Israel would be reestablished, and 70 years thereafter Moshiach would come to save Israel from [a potential or real] WWIII…

  11. I just found that you mentioned R’ Elchonon and the Chofetz Chayim in your blog post of June 12, 2009 “Do the 70 years End in 2009 or 2018?” Here is the quote of your blog then:

    Now, some have calculated, including R’ Elchonon Wasserman-” This time is called עקבתא דמשיחא – time…preparation for the time of the Mashiah. Then, he said it has to take 70 years. עקבתא דמשיחא has to take 70 years. Preparation for him has to be done…for 70 years”-that the 70-year period began with WW II and have come up with the year 2009. And as we know since this past Pesach of 2009, the energy of Moshiach has been upon us and more so with the arrival of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Lag B’omer (see the related articles for details), so in an sense they are correct too. And it’s interesting to note that 42 months from this past Shavuot 2009 is the infamous date of 12/21/2012 that so many people are waiting for. Again, playing into the hands of doubt when nothing more physical happens than the beginning of the final 6 years period as ordained by the Zohar.

    Regarding R’ Elchonon Wasserman statement, someone posted anonymously that they heard the following in a speech by their Rabbi that “The Vilna Gaon writes that there are 70 words in לדוד מזמור למנצח, which talk about the Yidden davening to Hashem to help them at a time of despair, corresponds to the “70 years of chevlai mashiach.” These seventy years will immediately take place after a big change in Klal Yisroel. After seeing the devastation caused by World War I the Chofetz Chaim said that the 70 years began at that time. He based it on the fact that in Europe Klal Yisroel used to look up to Rav and made a concerted effort to emulate the great authorities in Klal Yisroel. They had greater level of התורה כבוד than nowadays. Unfortunately, after World War I that attitude changed. After seeing the much greater devastation of World War II, Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman commented that the 70 years indeed started from World War II.”

    So whether that began when WWII began or when it ended with the birth of Israel is open to interpretation to some and as we’ve seen both are correct in their own way, yet only 70 years hence from the birth of Israel coincides with the year 2018 CE, which in turn coincides with G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 HC, the “Covenant of Halves.”
    Until here the quotation from 2009.

    Seemingly the source in my above comment is more reliable than what “someone posted anonymously that they heard the following in a speech by their Rabbi…,” but it is possible that both versions have elements of truth.

  12. Being that today is Pesach Sheini, Chesed She’b’Hod, I wanted to write another comment with some more observations about your books and blog. Since time is short for now I’ll limit this comment to reflecting on the good news of the apparent peace that is breaking out between North and South Korea, and the North Korean leader is now committing to defuse his nuclear arsenal. This is a tremendous miracle when one considers that up until just a short while ago major confrontation and war was seen to be almost inevitable.

    While this is not a political site, nevertheless it is relevant to mention that the one to credit for this is of course President Donald Trump, who put pressure on North Korea and China, is unquestionably serving as a Biblical figure of major proportion. This is especially with regard to his strengthening Israel and his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, with the opening there scheduled for next month. Indeed not long ago Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu likened President Trump to the Biblical King Cyrus, who at the end of TaNaCh is called “Moshiach Hashem” due to his support for the Jewish people and allowing the rebuilding of the Temple.

    President Trump has also shown with limited precision attacks in Syria that he means business in the Middle East and he will not be intimidated by any other powers including Russia. Now on the agenda is what to do about Iran. It is my hope that he will also be able to defang that situation in a peaceful manner and avoid a potential war. Our prayers should be focused on this in the days ahead.


  13. Regarding President Trump it seems you have mentioned him only once before in this blog, in the post dated April 12, 2016 “25th Century Technology.” There you wrote:

    “This is the energy that kabbalists have tapped into for generations. Watch this short clip of a mid-1980’s 5:30 AM class the Rav was giving and you will see how he momentarily pauses to tap into this energy. Watch how he seemingly pulls out of thin air the notion that when Donald Trump built Trump Tower in 1983 his goal (consciously or unconsciously) was to become President of the United States and when challenged he reiterated that it was the Presidency that was his goal, not the money. That was 30 years (!) before it blatantly manifests in our time. Amazing as this is, it is only a small part of the power inherent in this energy.”

    Then you presented a short video titled “Rav Berg Trump Prediction Video.”

    — Here I’d like to point out that any honest person who watches this video clip and has any knowledge about Donald Trump at that time will not be so amazed. In that period Trump had appeared on a number of TV shows and magazine covers and the like and there was a general feeling by many that he had presidential aspirations. For example, see on YouTube “Donald Trump Teases a President Bid During a 1988 Oprah Show,” and for years before and after there was speculation about this in many media outlets. It comes out that there was nothing at all unusual in R’ Berg’s comments. He was merely saying what many others at that time had observed, that Trump had indeed thought about and realized that he had potential to run for president.

    Certainly there is not even a hint in the video clip that R’ Berg had “tapped into energy” that allowed him to see that in our time Donald Trump would indeed run and more astoundingly overcome all the odds and the unprecedented major conspiracies against him in the Deep State and actually succeed and become the President.

  14. An earlier clip of President Trump on NBC Tom Brochaw show.

    Another, NYC Mayor Ed Koch congratulates the Trumps on their new condominium.

    [Can hints be found in the numbers of these clips?]

    Anyway, so again, in honor of Pesach Sheini, let it be clear: Isn’t it true that R’ Berg discussed Trump’s buildings because it was prominent in news at that time, and because Trump was wealthy and successful, a rising star with a charismatic personality, and he was getting exposure with prominent politicians and in the media, and there was natural speculation that one day he might enter politics himself and even run for president. The only energy anyone had to tap into to be aware of this was picking up and reading the newspapers and magazines and the radio waves beaming the TV shows.

  15. Boruch Hashem for Israel’s superb Prime Minister Bibi-Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s stupendous Secret Service — for the incredible revelation today by Netanyahu of the astonishing evidence that has been gathered about Iran’s clandestine nuclear program.

    Bibi’s presentation was huge, maybe better than ever, and there is no question about it that he too is a larger than life figure of Biblical proportions.

    Now we will see what President Trump and other world leaders will do in reaction to this overwhelming evidence of Iran’s dangerous treachery and deceit.

  16. Above almost two weeks ago you wrote “B”H soon all will be understood.” As I continue sifting through your books and blog some things are becoming clearer, some remain the same, and some are becoming even more confusing:

    On the positive side you present amazing ideas showing how the Torah and the Hebrew language and script must indeed be very special, true and holy, and how it is impossible for this to come about by even the greatest human ingenuity, and it could only come about from an Almighty G-d, the Creator and Master of the world.

    From your writings it is clear that the Almighty Creator is not just some distant and transient First Cause, but rather He has personal Divine Names, and He is intimately concerned with in interacting with the world, and especially with mankind and society.

    You show that the Biblical patriarchs and prophets and the Jewish people indeed did merit to special Divine provenance, including meriting to an everlasting covenant and communion with this One and Only Almighty G-d, and that historical events throughout the millennia until today verify this and fit the clear pattern as predicted by the Torah.

    You explain that studying G-d’s Torah, keeping the Mitzvos, following the traditions of the sages, and performing acts of kindness and giving charity are all valuable vessels for connecting to G-d and for being answered when we pray to Him. You elaborate about how effective even a small prayer meditation can be for our lives so that we have success in large and small matters.

    You show that the arrival of a great Jewish leader, Moshiach Ben Dovid, as predicted by the Torah, who will defeat evil and usher in a time of peace and worship and revelation of G-d, is surely destined to happen this year, 5778/2018, as revealed to Tzaddikim and Mekubalim, and as further supported by innovations from your own Torah studies and application of principles of mathematics and scientific discoveries.

    So far so good… Tremendous!

    (To be continued.)

  17. On the perplexing side is your description of your connection to your Kabbalah teachers:

    In your Acknowledgments at the beginning of The Genesis Prayer — I bought the Kindle version available via the Amazon link on your website — you write “Endless thanks unto the Creator, blessed be He, and special thanks to my teachers HaRav and Karen Berg for their support of me and of my family… I owe them a world of gratitude.”

    Also in your Acknowledgments you write “My deepest and eternal thanks to Rav Brandwein for all that he’s done for my family, and for enlightening me with the secrets of the Genesis Prayer.”

    It seems you were referring to R’ Abvaham Brandwein, as you wrote on the welcome page to this blog, “My teacher is the Admor of Strettin, Rav Abraham Brandwein, whose teachers were his father Rav Yeduda Tzi Brandwein of blessed memory and his uncle Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag (Hasulam) of blessed memory. It was at my teacher behest that I write and publish the books that I have and do this blog.”

    It seems strange to me however that on this blog’s welcome page you did not see fit to mention R’ Berg as your teacher, especially since in numerous other posts you continue to mention R’ Berg very reverently, as in the post I quoted above with what you said was a video showing how he had tapped into “the energy that kabbalists have tapped into for generations.”

    In a comments elsewhere on this blog I have also found that you wrote that at one time you served as the Gabbi for R’ Berg’s congregation, yet you also wrote that you are not officially affiliated with the Kabbalah Center. You also wrote that you personally are Modern Orthodox. Is that how you would describe R’ Berg?

    It cannot escape your attention that R’ Berg and the Kabbalah Center he and his wife founded have many detractors, from all sides, from the Orthodox Jewish perspective and from secular perspective, all questioning their knowledge and integrity in a most severe fashion.

    In particular it seems impossible to believe that either R’ Yehuda Tzi Brandwein or R’ Abraham Brandwein could have been supportive of developments with R’ Berg’s Kabbalah Center.

    (To be continued.)

  18. The are numerous valuable gold nuggets and genuine jewels in your writings, but it seems that most of these are presented in a jumbled fashion, jumping from one thought to another, going off on tangents, and mixed in with other silly statements or even just plain wrong statements.

    Even your books where there should have been more editorial review there remain a multitude of errors, mistakes and the like, and many things are left dangling with insufficient explanation to the extent that you surely confuse and lose the vast majority of readers. Moreover there is a complete lack of references that could substantiate what you write and provide readers more insight and places to look for further investigation and understanding.

    The main problem that I see is that you are mostly writing to a non-Jewish audience, basically to the Christian community, and especially that you seemingly write with such high regard of their false messiah. As I wrote above, scholars today are convinced that the person they call J.C. did not even exist. After all there were plenty of chroniclers living and writing at the time and place he is supposed to have lived, and yet he is not credibly mentioned even once, and that is just the beginning of the arguments against his existence!

    The bottom line is that the tenants of Christianity, although a step up from paganism, are clearly against the Torah and the Kabbalah, and as a result the Christians throughout history have been responsible for unspeakable atrocities against the Jews. Your support for them is therefore a betrayal of the Holy Torah and the Jewish people. If you want to encourage non-Jews that is fine and praiseworthy, but encourage them to look for Truth and to keep the Mitzvos of Bnei Noach, not to hold out false hope in their foolish fantasies!

    Looking forward my suggestion is that you should try to rewrite the good material that you have, this time directing your words primarily to a Jewish audience, and if others want to learn as well, make it as easy as possible for them to follow. I myself am considering trying to extract some of the gold and jewels that you write about, rearranging it in a more orderly and coherent manner, with footnotes and references and some explanations of my own as well, so that the message is more palatable and undeniable to everyone.

    Thank you for allowing me to express myself in these comments.

    Lag B’Omer starts tomorrow night, and even earlier in Israel, so let’s hope that all will indeed be really understood really soon!

  19. Thank you, Moshe. Your comments are welcomed and well received. I’ve been hoping for many years someone as skilled and well versed as you would step up and volunteer to help in these endeavors. The writings are not as polished as I would like, nor are they to the level to which I’m capable and that was never my goal. Given my circumstances and the limited time I have to write my goal has been to disseminate the knowledge and document what has been given unto me as much as I can. That said, everything I have written can benefit from your obvious talents and thus this knowledge could be disseminated much further. Thank you again and B”H we will not have to wait much longer.

  20. Ezra, thank you for your kind words, and B”N I will try to contribute more toward this effort to the best of my abilities, although I myself am not the most learned, and I too am facing numerous constraints making this even more difficult to do at the present time, however with Hashem’s help much is still possible.

    At any rate, here I’d like to point out that when I wrote my above comments concerning the book Keitz Hayomin by R’ Sorotzkin, I did not have the book in front of me, and I conflated into a few words what was actually written there. To set the record straight here is a more accurate and complete version of the relevant portion (my free translation from the Hebrew):

    In the book Lev Eliyahu (end of P’ Yisro), the author R’ Eliyahu Lapion writes that he heard from R’ Elchonon Wasserman, that he heard in the name of the Chofetz Chayim, who spoke at the end of World War One, explaining a statement from our sages o.b.m. that the war of Gog and Mogog will happen three times, and that WWI was the First War of Gog and Magog, and that in another about twenty five years there would be a Second World War, which WWI would be insignificant in comparison to it, and that would be the Second War of Gog and Mogog, and after that there would be a WWIII, the Third War of Gog and Mogog, which would be “A difficult time for Yaakov, but from it he shall be saved.”

    In that citation from the Chofetz Chayim it does not state how much time would elapse be between WWII and WWIII, however I have heard that R’ Elihvu Shwei said, that he heard that the Chofetz Chayim had said, that there would be 70 years from WWII until WWIII, and R’ Tzvi Meir Zilberberg said that he heard from American Rabbinical leaders, and the same was said by R’ Menachem Tzvi Berlin, that he heard from R’ Avrohom Pam, who heard from R’ Elchonon when he visited America (before he went to England), that he had heard the Chofetz Chayim say that after WWII (which ended in a Shmita year) there would be 10 Shmitos (10 x 7 years = 70), which would be the 70 years of preparation for Moshaich, and then the “appointed time” would come.

    It comes out that the Chofetz Chayim saying that there would be 70 years from WWII until the “appointed time” corresponds well with the words of the Vilna Goan discussed before, that the period of the birth pains of Moshiach will last for 70 years, and that this period is characterized by the sovereignty of the Erev Rov and the subjugation of Torah scholars, and this coincides with the onset of the mass immigration of observant Jews into the land of Israel after WWII when the modern state of Israel was established, as explained previously.

    Further, in the book Ovdos V’Hanhogos L’Beis Brisk (vol. 3, p. 9) it is related that when R’ Meir Soloveitchik said to his father the above words of the Vilna Goan regarding the 70 years of birth pains of Moshiach before the redemption, his father R’ Yitzchak Zev Soloveichik, the Brisker Rov. replied that they were already in those 70 years, and this corresponds well with what was said before.

    Also see earlier in the book Lev Eliyahu, in the introduction to what was related above, where he writes that we are now in the time of the heels of Moshaich, and we have to realize that our sages said that before the arrival of Moshaich there will be difficulties and hardships interfering with learning Torah, and overcoming these difficulties is what will bring the redemption… Thus R’ Lapian himself testifies that the redemption will come when the situation in the land of Israel deteriorates and people will have to overcome pressures and hardships in order to learn Torah, and all of this corresponds well with the tradition received from the Chofetz Chayim that the secular state will last for seventy years (and then it will return to the path of the Torah).