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NEW: Exciting Prediction Moshiach Moshiach Coming In 5778-5779 / 2018-2019


Several months ago while searching online for the significance of this specifice year, 5778, which is 3330 years since the Exodus from Egypt and the Giving of the Torah, I found the Kabbalah Secrets website of Ezra Jeffrey Meiliken. In a comment on his welcome page wrote, “My teacher is the Admor of Strettin, Rav Abraham Brandwein, whose teachers were his father Rav Yeduda Tzi Brandwein of blessed memory and his uncle Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag (Hasulam) of blessed memory. It was at my teacher behest that I write and publish the books that I have and do this blog.” For the last 20 years, based on revelations from his teachers and astounding matheamtical patterns he discovered in the Torah, in the laws of nature, and in the major events in history, he has been predicting that Moshiach will come in the year 5778–2018, and now more likely 5779-2019, while never stating whom specifically Moshiach might be. Meiliken's books, The Genesis Prayer, The Divine Calendar, and There's Nothing Random About The Universe, and his illuminating Kabbalah Secrets blog posts, are asounding and must reads.


In some of his earlier works Meiliken was writing to a very assimilated and gentile audience, and ideally some information could have been presented better and clearer, and inevitably some minor misstatements aslo crept in, and in my first comments to him on his blog I explained this in more detail. Presently I am continuing to post comments there, including a series on the 1000 letters in the three paragraphs of the Shma, with insights about the Mitzvos contained therein, explaining connections to Divine Names of Hashem and the coming of Moshiach. In order to share Meiliken's work and our exchange of comments there are reproduced here on the Chassidus Unlimited website the comments that were posted on the Kabbalah Secrets blog. Please read the posts and the comments there, including by other commenters, and contribute to the discussion. Also please write to me about this topic and if appropriate a page for this discussion will be posted here. 



Best wishes and blessings to everyone!

First posted September 12, 1996–Elul 28, 5756 / Last modified May 13 2019–Iyar 8, 5779.