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  Comments on “Part VI (c): For Whom the Bell Tolls

  1. Another extremely deep post packed with mind boggling concepts!

    While still numb from it all, here is just a quick comment to complement the timely idea you concluded with, a connection to the year 2018, or 5778 HC.

    Near the beginning of the post you wrote: “Very few of these Bell numbers are also prime numbers, meaning irreducible (non-factorable) numbers. The second Bell number is 2, which is a prime number, so is 5, the third Bell number and second Bell Prime. The next Bell Prime is 877, which is the only the 7th Bell number.”

    It is fascinating that combining the adjacent 2nd and 3rd Bell prime numbers, 5 and 877, and then viewing them in reflection, where 5 stays 5 (since it is only one 1 digit), and 877 becomes 778, then again we have before us the combination 5-778, i.e., another hint the year 5778.

    You wrote, “While we are already in the event horizon, we are also on the cusp of something really special.” This is certainly so true. One has only to turn on the news and it is evident we are living in the end times, and how much more so when one can see all the connections that are being revealed here!

  2. Incidentally both 5 and 877, aside from being the 2nd and 3rd Bell primes, are also in the category of “super primes,” meaning their ordinal number in the set of primes is also a prime, as was discussed previously: 5 is the 3rd prime, and 3 itself is prime (the 2nd prime), and 877 is the 151st prime, and 151 itself is prime (the 36th prime).

    The property of also being super primes that appears in the Bell primes 5 and 877, does not apply to all Bell primes, since the 1st Bell prime 2 is technically not a super prime because its ordinal number 1 is not considered to be in the set of primes, and the next Bell prime, the 4th Bell prime, which according to Wiki is 27644437, is also not a super prime, because it is the 1,720,725th prime, and 1720725 is non-prime [the factors of 1720725 being 3 x 5 x 5 x 22943 (where 22943 is the 2560th prime)].

    According to Wiki the 5th and 6th Bell primes are 35742549198872617291353508656626642567 (38 digits) and 359334085968622831041960188598043661065388726959079837 (54 digits), and the 7th Bell prime is not even listed, although Wiki says that it has 6,539 digits.

    These are monstrous numbers that are beyond our comprehension. Interestingly however the 5th Bell prime starts with the triplet 357, and the 6th Bell prime starts with the triplet 359, and the average right between them is 358, the gematria of Moshiach [and even the digits of the triplet at the end of 6,539, i.e., 539, can also be rearranged into 359, which is the same as Moshiach plus 1 for the Kolel…]

    It comes out that the 2nd and 3rd Bell primes hint to the year 5778, and the 5th and 6th [and 7th] Bell primes hint to Moshaich who is sure to be revealed soon!