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  Comments on “Part XV: Patterns Vs Information

  1. Great and tumultuous things are stirring and happening in the world, on many fronts, and unquestionably a turning point is being reached, 5778-5779-5780 / 2018-2019-2020, tick-tock, affecting all mankind, with good prevailing over evil, right prevailing over wrong, truth prevailing over falsity, as the world comes to recognize the G-d of Israel, Hashem Echod.

    As Rosh Hashana approaches it is time to take stock, review from the beginning, and try to tie everything together, all the revelations, knowledge and experience gained, and be ready to heed the call of Moshiach, “today if you but hearken to His voice!” (Psalm 95:7; Kabbolas Shabbos liturgy).

    This week unfortunately I was unable to put into writing the ideas I had planned, and BE”H this will be forthcoming next week, and of course I’m very much looking forward to the next post from R’ Ezra…

    Shabbat Shalom!