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  Comments on “Part III: Phi and Beyond

  1. Wow, this is really a lot of great information to review and digest, however there are a few apparent bloopers that should be fixed.

    You wrote:

    If we were to apply the Phi proportion to the 1495 total value of the alef-bet, the subordinate values would be split into 924 + 571 = 1495, where a = 974 and b = 571.

    — At the end of the sentence there is an obvious typo, and instead of “where a = 974,” it should say “where a = 924.” —

    You wrote:

    1495 x .6180 = 924

    924 x .6180 = 571


    — On my computer screen this appears fine (and with the middle line underlined), however on the screen of my android device the second line appears as .924 x .6180 = 5.71 (and also with underlining), with decimal points before the 9 of 924 and between the 5 and 7 of 571, which apparently is some sort of technical glitch… —

    You wrote:

    Nonetheless, back to that first 28 letter verse of the Torah, the first 5 letters (בראשי) of that verse and thus of the Torah have a collective ordinal value, letter placement within the alphabet value, of (2+20+1+10+21) = 54.

    — In the parentheses at the end of the sentence the order of the last two numbers 10 and 21 should be reversed, to correspond to the letters Shin (21) and Yud (10) in the proper order, (2+2+1+21+10) = 54. —

    You wrote:

    Plotting out those 11 letters, we get:


    2,20,1,21,10,22,2,20,1,1,12 and their sum is 112.

    First, we combine the letters so you can see what I was seeing:


    Then we break them down to natural syllables:

    2201 10 2122 2201 112


    — The first two lines of these strings of numbers are correct, however in the third line, where you wrote “2201 10 2122 2201 112,” the values for the Sh (Shin) 21, and the Y (Yud) 10, again somehow became reversed, and the proper sequence should instead read “2201 21 1022 2201 112.”

    Also it is not clear why the “natural syllables” were split this way, and seemingly the word Breishit should not be split into three syllables, but rather into just two syllables, BRE and ShYT, and the next word Bora should not be expressed as one syllable, but rather it should be split into two syllables, Bo and RE.

    These corrections and changes would require a revision of the lessons gained from the conversion from base 3 to base 10. Using the syllable breaks as presented would yield 73 7 35 73 14, which sum to 202, and using syllable breaks as I am suggesting would yield 73 602 2 19 14, which sum to 710.

    Also unclear is what you wrote, “If we broke the word sequence into syllables we would get (7+3+6+0+2+7+3) = 28,” since although these digits do add up to 28, however this time your number sequence starts with 73 (7+3) and 602 (6+0+2), as per syllable breaks as I suggested, but then it gets confusing again since you next have BRE (BoRE) as one syllable, 73 (7+3), and you leave out the last syllable EL, 112 (1+1+2). —

    You wrote:


    2+2+0+1+1+0+2+1+2+2+2+2+0+1+1+1+2 = 22 (letters)

    — This is correct, only again the digits corresponding to the Sh (Shin) 2+1 and the Y (Yud) 1+0 are in reverse order, and the proper string of numbers/letters should read 2+2+0+1+2+1+1+0+2+2+2+2+0+1+1+1+2 = 22. —


    You wrote:

    Though this does not prove the existence of G-d, it does go a long way in proving purposeful design, which can be taken as divine intent.

    — This is a very good and important point, but all of the connections to Hashem’s Name and the key aspects of Hashem’s Torah make this evidence even clearer and recognizable as of the “Fingerprint of G-d,” or “Signature of G-d,” as you have written before… —


    You wrote:

    8/√5 = 3.58, as in the numerical value of Moshiach (358), the Anointed One.

    — Actually, more accurately 8/√5 = 3.5777, plus a small fraction more, and thus aside from the rounded off value of 3.58 which hints to Moshiach, the more accurate value may also hint to the year of Moshiach’s predestined arrival, 5778.

    The idea of Moshiach is also clearly hinted in the Phi sequence, which starts, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and the numbers 3 5 8 hint to the gematria of משיח, Moshiach, 358 (this idea is already noted in Ezra’s book “There’s Nothing Random About the Universe,” at the bottom of page 28 and top of page 29, and probably in many places).

    Further, in the numbers in the continuation of the sequence, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, the 1 hints to Hashem, and then the 2, 3, 5 can be combined as 2 + 3 + 5 = 10, corresponding to the letter י, Yud, the 10th letter of the Alef Beis. The next number 8 corresponds to the letter ח, Ches, the 8th letter of the Alef Beis. The next number 13 corresponds to the letter מ, Mem, the 13th letter of the Alef Beis. The next number 21 corresponds to the letter ש, Shin, the 21st letter of the Alef Beis, and these letters can be rearranged, or read on the graph of the Phi curve, as is proper for Hebrew, from right to left, to spell משיח, Moshiach.

    Additionally, starting from the 5th number in the series, the number 8, the sum of the Phi sequence numbers 8 + 13 + 21 + 34 + 55 + 89 + 144 = 364, which this is the same as the gematria of המשיח, HaMoshiach, The Messiah, plus 1 for the Kolel, representing Hashem.

    May we continue seeing great revelations, the fulfillment of the Torah’s prophecies, and the culmination of Hashem’s plan, very soon indeed!

  2. Thanks once again for your valuable help, Moshe. As for the formatting in Android, it was just that the underline between the close numerals gets abbreviated to look like a decimal point. I’ll try to keep that in mind in the future. As for the Yud-Shin reversal, I’d caught that and was still trying to figure out why I made that error as usually, unless I was just tired, there was some divine inspiration that I just wasn’t seeing clearly. You forced my hand (thankfully) and you’ll note on the revised version that indeed there was a reason, which will become much more significant as the series rolls on. While your later points are all very valid the objective in this paper at this stage is not to point to 5778–that is easily made (as you know) later on once newer concepts are proven. As for G-d’s Names, we will get to them in the appropriate time, but first there is much that needs to be laid out and proven first. I know you get it but we need to reach out to the every growing population of people for whom reading G-d’s Names in a “Book” is just religious and means nothing. Their world needs to be rocked and we can only do that by changing their beliefs at their core, not by chipping away at their surface understanding. Your patience is appreciated and your comments and editing invaluable.