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  Comments on “The Prime Directive

  1. Awesome! That is a tremendous amount of very astounding information that absolutely deserves full consideration!
    It is just a bit uncomfortable however your tease that in your next post you will reveal the Trinity, due to non-Jewish connotation of that word, and unlike the beginning of your last post when you mentioned this, you have now also capitalized the word. It seems likely though that you are only referring to a triplet of Divine Names, or mathematical formulas, or special numbers, or the like, which would be just fine. Looking forward to the next revelations!

  2. Near the beginning of this post you wrote:

    “We have seen how the very structure of our solar system can be broken down into a very few specific numbers that artificially repeat over and over again, and also relate directly to the Torah and the Divine Calendar. They all integrate like one gigantic clock mechanism one that cannot be carved out by random nature.”

    On the words “like one gigantic clock mechanism,” you linked to your previous post, “What is Time?” – http://kabbalahsecrets.com/?p=3677 – where you wrote:

    “This is the 5778th year in the Hebrew Calendar, and for 5778 years the Earth has been orbiting the Sun at 66,600 mph. Yes, that is a scientific fact.”

    On another post, “G-d Vs AI, a 5778 Year Old Race” – http://kabbalahsecrets.com/?p=3842 – you wrote:

    “Regardless of whether you believe in Creationism or Evolution, Man’s consciousness awoke 5778 years ago. The Torah tells us we were given two choices: The Tree-of-Life or the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. The [1.37] 13.7 Billion years of evolution that preceded it can be easily explained by the flexible kabbalistic definitions of time during the 6 days of Creation; it is nothing more than background for when we obtained consciousness and were first given the freedom of choice.”

    It seems from your writings that you accept the establishment academia’s doctrine of uniformitarianism, including [from Wiki:] “the gradualistic concept that ‘the present is the key to the past,’ that events occur at the same rate now as they have always done,” both in the sky and on earth.

    However IMO the overwhelming evidence for many years now has supported the alternative theories of catastrophism. In particular I’m referring to the theories championed by Immanuel Velikovsky and his disciples, that shed major light and understanding on the world in ancient biblical times and the global catastrophes that our ancestors experienced. The establishment’s dogmas are being disproved at a rapid rate. I recommend for example the works of “electric universe theory” proponents, such as for example at The Thunderbolts Project — https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/ — which absolutely demolish almost all of mainstream science’s standard theories of physics, cosmology, geology, and more.

    Also IMO you are too equivocal about creationism vs. evolution, since the evidence at hand for years now also completely demolishes all evolutionary theories in favor of Intelligent design and Divine creation (although certainly IMO that doesn’t mean literally 5778 years ago). In a previous comment I have already mentioned the advances that in recent years have been made in recognizing the Intelligent design of nature and living beings, which IMO is now logically and scientifically indisputable.

    One of the primary aspects of Moshiach’s coming will be that mankind will overthrow the false so-called scientific theories and reach a truer understanding of the natural laws of the universe and of historical events.

  3. The electric universe theory is also just a theory, albeit a good one, and I believe there is a better explanation for the universal symbolism among the ancient cultures on our planet, which I will touch on in my next article.

  4. I’m looking forward to your idea of a better explanation, however IMHO the general EU theories for cosmology, astronomy, and geology, certainly make much more sense than the presently entrenched mainstream theories.

    It seems that fundamental paradigm shifts and scientific revolutions are coming that will completely overthrow the present establishment views, radically transforming our understanding of the universe, and spurring ever greater technological breakthroughs and significantly improving the quality of life for all mankind.

    Advances in biology will also overthrow the establishment theory of evolution, proving intelligent design and creation by G-d.

    The mistaken archaeological mainstream will also be overthrown, and the historical accuracy of the Torah will be confirmed beyond doubt.

    In addition, political and/or military upheavals are coming that will result in worldwide peace and prosperity.

    Many are already able to see through the darkness and the veils. The pendulum is swinging and surely all will be revealed very soon!

  5. Shona Tova U’mevorach,

    As stated before – http://kabbalahsecrets.com/?p=3874&cpage=2#comment-119094 – in my August 20, 2018 comment on the post “Auspicious Dates”:

    “While focused on the Magen David this is a suitable time to point out an important allusion to David in the Shma, in the final letters of the last words of the silent verse ‘ברוך שם כבוד’ מלכותו’ לעולם ועד, Boruch Shem KevoD’ MalchusO’ L’olaom VoeD’ (“Blessed is the Name of His glorious Kingdom for all eternity”), which these three letters spell the name דוד, Dovid. It is entirely proper to have this hint in mind when reciting the Shma, and to pray that the glory of Hashem’s kingdom should be revealed through the scion of His servant Dovid, Moshiach ben Dovid. The remaining final letters of this verse, Chuf, Mem, Mem, sum to 20 + 40 + 40 = 100, which is he complete number 10 x 10, hinting to the thought that we should merit to this revelation of Hashem’s Kingdom through Moshiach ben Dovid in completeness.”

    Continuing from this idea, the letters Chuf, Mem, Mem, that sum to 100, also correspond to the 100 Brochos that Dovid instituted should be said by each person each day. In addition, the letters Chuf, Mem, Mem, in reverse order spell ממך, Mimcho, “from you” (in the singular), hinting that the 100 Brochos and the proper recitation of the Shma have to come from you, from each and every one, and similarly, that the recognition of G-d’s oneness and glory throughout the world is dependent on you, on each and every one, in addition to being dependent on all of Israel, since we are all addressed both individually and collectively in the verse, “Hear O’ Israel, Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One.”

    Aside from the hint to Dovid in the Boruch Shem verse, also hinted in the first verse of Shma are Adam, Moshe, and Moshiach.

    Adam, spelled אדם, Alef, Dalet, Mem, is hinted by means of a one letter skip starting from the Alef of the word Echod (which is an especially fitting place to start since Adam was the first man), then skipping one letter to the Dalet at the end of the word Echod, and then repeating the verse from the beginning (according to the rule “the end is inserted in the beginning”) and skipping the first letter of the word Shma, then there is a letter Mem. When these three letters are read together in this way they hint to the name Adam.

    Moshe, spelled משה, Mem, Shin, Heh, is hinted by starting from the letter Mem that is the second letter of the first word Shma, then reading backward to the letter Shin at the beginning of the word Shma, and then continuing backward to letter Dalet of the word Echod at the end of the verse (by means of the rule “the beginning is inserted in the end”), with Dalet being gematria 4, which however transforms into the letter Heh, gematria 5, due to the addition of 1 for the Kolel which is symbolized by the word finalized by the Dalet, i.e., the word Echod, One, and by the Alef at the beginning of the word Echod (or since this is a large letter Dalet, it may hint to what is larger than the standard Dalet, and since the standard Dalet is gematria 4, a larger Dalet may hint to the next letter Heh, gematria 5). When these three letters are read together in this way they hint to the name Moshe.

    Moshiach, spelled משיח, Mem, Shin, Yud, Ches, is hinted in the first verse of Shma when one reads the second letters of each word. The second letter of the first word Shma is a Mem, the second letter of the second word Yisroel is a Sin/Shin, the second letter of the third word Hashem, as it is spelled in many Sidurrim Yud Yud, is a letter Yud, and the second letter of the last word Echod is a Ches. When these second letters are read together they hint to the name Moshiach. When including the second letters of the remaining words in the verse, the second letter Lamed of the forth word Elokim, and the second letter Yud of the fifth word Hashem as it is spelled in Sidurim, then together these second letters spell למשיחי, L’moshichai, “For My Moshiach.”

    Alternatively, the way the verse and the Names of Hashem are spelled in the Torah, YHVH, i.e., where the letter Heh is the second letter of the Name, then the third letter of Moshiach, the letter Yud of Moshiach, can be formed from the combination of the two second letters Heh from the two Names YHVH, since the gematria of each of these letters Heh is 5, and 5 + 5 = 10, the gematria of the letter Yud. Joining with the second letter of the remaining word Elokim, the letter Lamed, these second letters together therefore spell למשיח, L’Moshiach, “for Moshiach.”

    It is good and proper to have all of this in mind when reciting the Shma, to accept upon oneself to strive to bring Hashem’s oneness and glory to the world with all of one’s individual ability, and by uniting with the entire community of Israel, and by uniting with Adam and all mankind, and by uniting with Moshe the giver of the Torah, the greatest prophet of all time, and by uniting with King Dovid and with Moshiach the son of Dovid, and by praying to Hashem for all of this to be revealed as soon as possible, right now, at the beginning of this very auspicious new year 5779.

    Good Shabbos and Good Yom Tov!