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  Comments on “Part XI: The Rules of the Game

  1. Ezra, thanks again for your new mind bending posts. As mentioned before though, is a lot of complex material to try to absorb and apply, and to be put into proper perspective for mere mortals it really would be helpful if you would put together an outline for us to follow along with, to make it easier see the complete picture.

    People start with their own set of preconceived notions, outlooks and preferences, and they perceive things from different perspectives. Surely most of what you write readily make sense and happily resonates, however some things are more mysterious, perplexing, and difficult to accept.

    Regarding the idea that the world may be some sort of “simulation,” forgive me for saying that this appears to be mostly drawn from foreign philosophies and new age mumbo jumbo. Generally the great Kabbalists of the past have argued just the opposite, that the physical world is “real,” for the Torah says “G-d created the heavens and the earth,” and therefore we know with certainty that the world is real, and not some kind of a fantasy or make believe. It might also be argued that there is a more basic way of knowing this, simply by testing and experiencing the stubbing one’s toe or the banging one’s finger. Ouch, @#%&$, that for sure is real!

    [Generally Kabbalists have believed that even the spiritual worlds are real, and not merely simulations, phantoms of imagination, or dream realities. Most even literally accepted the reality of various angels and demons, and even believed in real magic and the like. I have already expressed my reservations and objections, but they certainly did not speak about simulations!]

    Along these lines, FWIW, I agree with Todd, who commented (on Part VIII: Phi (ϕ) and Pi and the 42-Letter Name, June 18, 2019): “Saying “Many worlds were created before ours” is very different from the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics (which I personally don’t believe, FWIW), which says that all possibilities that did not occur in our world did/does occur in another. Do you think that’s a “thing” that actually occurs? If so, are there any classic texts making those claims? [Great work – Keep it coming!]”

    Also regarding your discussion of various mathematical concepts that appear to be modeled into the construction of the pyramids., this is a matter that attracts numerous crazy ideas and charlatans, and it would be helpful if you would share more of your general views regarding this enigma.

    Also it should be made a bit clearer what ideas you received from your teachers, and what ideas you are contributing on the basis of your own investigations. Would Rav Brandwein have approved of your speculations about our lives being simulations, and that we are players in some sort of game? Would he have approved of your speculations about the pyramids and the association of the Great Pyramid with Joseph?


    In the post you wrote: “There are 613 precepts in the Torah, of which 248 are restrictive ones—do not do this or you should not do that—and 365 are proactive…”

    It seems this should be reversed, the 248 are the proactive precepts, “do this” or “do that,” and the 365 are restrictive, “do not do this” or “do not do that.”

    Incidentally, in general the proactive, positive commandments, are more connected to the Name Hashem, while the restrictive, negative commandments, are more connected to the Name Elokim. Time allowing I will elaborate a bit more about this and about other topics.

    Very much looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Thanks Moshe for catching my inadvertent reversal. I’ll correct it. When the series is concluded, I’ll break it down into distinct units and create a table of contents, right now it is still evolving. As for the Kabbalists they actually believe this world is a world of illusion, created by G-d, Yes, but as reflection of the spiritual and coopted by the Opponent, so as I said in the last posting it doesn’t matter whether we are in a simulation or not, the rules are the same, the Creator is the Creator, the goal is the same as well. I’m trying to bridge the worlds of understanding so all can access the Creator and it’s a process. People can best understand it and visualize it as a simulation. And yes, Rav Brandwein would have approved. Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov